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Our infant daughter Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) died of Trisomy 18 (she was stillborn), a rare genetic disorder. The T-18 Foundation is a wonderful support network and site that has gone a long way in helping us heal. It is my hope that you never have a need to become involved with this organization (and chances are you won't), but if you ever do, you won't find a better source of healing, support, and understanding. Everyone here has been touched by Trisomy 18.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - a volunteer network of professional photographers dedicated to providing bereavement photography to parents of infants and children who have passed away. Everything from the photographer's time to a DVD slideshow and CD of print-quality photos is free of charge. As with the T-18 Support Forum, I hope you never need infant bereavement photography services (or any infant bereavement services), but having a local member photographer do a photo shoot for Ceilidh was one of the best decisions we made for our little girl. Stefanie Kimball, our photographer, did Ceilidh's photo shoot on Dec. 9th, 2006, the day of her birth. Her link is below.

In addition to her volunteer photography for NILMDTS, Stefanie also offers a wide range of professional photo shoots and services from family portraits to graduation photos, and pretty much everything in between. She's one of the most professional artists I've ever worked with in any field, and if you're located in Rhode Island or Central and Eastern Massachusetts, I highly recommend her for all of your photography needs.

The ship I served aboard in the Navy. I'm a Plankowner, or original commissioning crewmember.

Send an email message of support and hope to a servicemember. You can't choose the recipient, but you can choose the branch of service, and kind words from home go a long way toward making someone's day.

UnderArmour HeatGear - New England summers (the bulk of my hoop dance schedule) tend to be oppressively hot and humid, so whenever I perform, UnderArmour Heat Gear is my new best friend. The "Blitz" line also matches my regalia, so it's doubly awesome! For the record, I don't have an endorsement agreement with them...I just love this stuff enough to put a link here!

My friend Peggy Llewellyn, National Hot Rod Association Pro Stock Motorcycle competitor. The first woman of color to ever win a major motorsports event, Peggy is back with a new team for the 2010 season!
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