Welcome to the online home of Native American hoop dancer Pete FourWinds
and The HawkFeather Dancers.


Welcome to PeteFourwinds.com, the online home of Native American Hoop Dancer and photographer Pete FourWinds (that would be me).

Who I am and what I'm all about: Who am I?  First and foremost, of course, I am a hoop dancer and lecturer on the subject of contemporary Native American dances and customs. By contemporary I mean dances and customs you'd likely encounter at today's powwows and other Native gatherings, as opposed to dances from historical times (although many of today's styles have very clear historical basis). Check my calendar for updates, powwows I'll be dancing at, and available dates (in case you want to book me). 

I live in Frederick, Maryland, but I'm available to perform anywhere, so in considering me for a performance, please keep my starting point in mind when determining travel budgets.

In addition to performing the hoop dance as a solo artist, I'm the founder/head dancer of The HawkFeather Dancers, my American Indian Dance Troupe. The HawkFeather Dancers are basically a multi-dancer expansion of my work as a dancer/lecturer. You can find information about them at

When I'm not dancing, I'm a gallery-exhibited photographer.
Click on "Photography" in the left navigation bar for samples of my work, or visit my complete portfolio hosted at Pbase.

If you'd like to book me for a shoot in the Frederick, Maryland area, please visit

my photography listing at Thumbtack.com.

Feel free to wander around at your leisure, and thank you for stopping by. Chances are that you're here for hoop dance info, since that's what I'm most known for, so I hope to see you around the powwow trail.

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